Raised in the mountains of Asheville NC, Andrew's love of music flourished at a young and impressionable age. Known for being vocally versatile and a multi-instrumentalist, Andrew has taken a step out on his own to release this deeply personal and autobiographical EP, shedding light into his tragically poetic and colorful world.

Andrew first learned to play guitar at age 14 by a nun who eventually relinquished her teaching duties once Andrew's skills became more advanced. He credits his professional music career to this "Guitar Loving Nun." He continued to study guitar, along with voice and acting all through his college years, which eventually led him to Astoria, NY where he currently resides.

After playing in a string of bands, acting in plays, and waiting tables in NYC, Andrew was asked to join the multi-platinum progressive rock band "Trans-Siberian Orchestra", with whom he continues to tour and record with. In 2009, along with fellow TSO members Angus Clark, Chris Altenhoff, Jason Gianni and guitar virtuoso and friend Aurelien Budynek, "Daredevil Squadron" was born. Centered around Andrew's power vocals and an ode to the NWOBHM bands, "Out of the Sun" was released to positive reviews. They are schedule to release their sophomore effort in 2014. www.daredevilsquadron.com

In 2011, he formed "C H A M E L E O N" with Chloe Lowery. Their eclectic sound has gained them notable attention. Since their formation they have released two EP's, "Something in the Water, and most recently, "The Monster EP." www.wearechameleon.com

Andrew's debut solo EP, The Letter, is the latest installment from Andrew's co-founded production company, Center of the Universe. Collaborating with Aurelien Budynek, these two have cultivated a unique world of sounds and imagery. www.andrewmross.com